Work with us

UAH-HHH project: Part-time Administrative Assistant Position

The University of Alcalá ( offers an Administrative Assistant Postition in our research group ‘Social and Cardiovascular Epidemiology’.

Bachelor’s degree or technical degree in economics or administration related discipline with a minimum of 3 years of related experience is required.

UAH-HHH project: full-time Research Statistician Position

We are looking for one research statistician, to work with us bringing support in the study about how the tobacco environment relates with smoking behavior and second-hand smoke exposure.

The candidate will support research data management and analysis activities.

UAH-HHH project: Pre-doctoral full-time position

We are looking for one talented predoctoral student, to work with us bringing support in the study about the relatinship of high alcohol use and the alcohol urban context, including the implementation of regulatory policies.

The candidate should have a master’s degree in Epidemiology, Public Health, Statics, Geospatial Information Technologies or related fields. Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills in English and Spanish and good knowledges in statistical analysis will be appreciated.

In our group we offer the opportunity for talented researchers and motivated students in the areas of social and cardiovascular epidemiology, urban health and neighborhoods and health,  to spend their sabbatical leave, residency electives, etc… during fixed-term collaborations within our group.

Visitors will have the opportunity to work closely with researchers in our main research areas.


This opportunity is coordinated by Manuel Franco. If you need further information, please contact Manuel filling the form below.