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Understanding the local food environment: A participatory photovoice project in a low-income area in Madrid, Spain

Díez J., Conde P., Sandin M., Urtasun M., López R., Carrero JL., Gittelsohn J., Franco M.
Health & Place 43: 95-103, Jan 2017

Understanding Differences in the Local Food Environment Across Countries: A case study in Madrid (Spain) and Baltimore (USA)

Díez J, Bilal U, Cebrecos A, Buczynski A, Lawrence RS, Glass T, Escobar F, Gittelsohn J, Franco M 
Preventive Medicine. 2016 Jun 16

Food Environment

Franco M, Bilal U, Diez J 
Encyclopedia of Food and Health, B. Caballero, P. M. Finglas and F. Toldrá. Oxford, Academic Press: 22-26 2016 Sep 22

Living under the influence: normalisation of alcohol consumption in our cities

Sureda X, Villalbí JR, Espelt A, Franco M. 
Gaceta Sanitaria. 2016 Oct

Population cardiovascular health and urban environments: the Heart Healthy Hoods exploratory study in Madrid, Spain.

Bilal U, Diez J, Alfayate S, Gullon P, del Cura I, Escobar F, Sandin M, Franco M, and the HHH Research Group. 
BMC Medical Research Methodology. 2016 Aug 22

Studying city life, improving population health

Carreño V, Franco M, Gullón P 
International Journal of Epidemiology. 2016 Jun 16

Physical activity environment measurement and same source bias

Gullón P, Bilal U, Franco M. Gaceta sanitaria / SESPAS 2014

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Characterizing physical activity and food urban environments: a GIS-based multicomponent proposal

Cebrecos A, Diez J, Gullon P, Bilal U, Franco M, Escobar F. 
International Journal of Health Geographics. 2016 Sep 28

Assessing Walking and Ciclying Envirionments in the Streets of Madrid: Comparing On-Field and Virtual Audits

Gullón P, Badland H, Alfayate S, Bilal U, Escobar F, Cebrecos A, Diez J, Franco M 
Journal of Urban Health. 2016 Jun 16

Preventing non-communicable diseases through structural changes in urban environments.

Franco M,  Bilal U, Diez-Roux AV
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2014 Nov 13